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Zumba is a Latin inspired dance class, its cardio based with elements of toning and sculpting. The beauty of Zumba is that anyone of any age or fitness level can do it. No dance experience is needed, it’s so much fun you won’t even realise you’re exercising! The steps are easy to follow, the music is addictive and you’ll be exercising in an encouraging,high energy environment which is a fantastic stress buster.


This programme is designed  for those that may not feel comfortable starting the normal Zumba class for whatever reason. Perhaps the active older participant or someone who hasn’t been exercising for some time or maybe someone who is dieting and wants to start introducing exercise into their plan.

The structure of the class is the same, the steps and rhythms are the same but simply done at a lower intensity. However,the class is just as much FUN!


This programme still uses the basic Zumba steps and rhythms but uses weighted toning sticks to isolate and sculpt individual muscle groups to make the muscles longer and leaner.The movements within this programme are far more controlled and specific to those within a normal Zumba class, but it is still great FUN!

Our Class Times

Zumba ®

Monday – 8.15-9.15pm  Hart Leisure Centre, Hitches Lane, Fleet

Tuesday – 7.00-7.45pm Velmead Junior School, Velmead Road, Fleet

Wednesday – 6.30-7.15pm Ancells Farm Community Centre, Fleet

Friday – 10.30-11.30am Hart Leisure Centre, Hitches Lane, Fleet

Zumba ® Gold 50+ Class

Wednesday - 9.30- 10.15am Elvetham Health Church, Fleet, Hampshire

Thursday - 11.30AM - 12.30AM Hart Leisure Centre, Hitches Lane, Fleet, Hampshire

All are classes are Pay as you go and cost £5.00 per class

Before you start any of our Zumba ® Fitness classes we do require you to print off and fill in a short questionnaire. Once you have done this please can you sign it and bring it along to your first Zumba Class.

Please Click on the link below to download the questionnaire.

Physical Fitness questionnaire